Shopify Object Schemas

Learn what objects Shoptable currently supports and what they mean

How to read the Shopify Object Schema Documentation

Each schema page contains the following columns

  • Default Field Name
    • The field name Shoptable creates on the table.
  • Direct from API
    • Whether the value of the field is directly taken from the Shopify GraphQL API.
    • If this checked then you can find more information about the field on the documentation page for the object with matching "Default Column Name".
      • e.g. Products.title is a field directly taken from the API. Find out more information by going to the Products documentation page and going to the field named "title".
        • Each schema page will have a link to the matching object GraphQL documentation page.
      • Any field with "Direct from API" checked will not have a value in the "Description" column.
  • Description
    • Information about the field if it's not directly taken from the Shopify GraphQL API.
    • Oftentimes this will simply indicate which properties to look up on the object
      • Pattern: <object_name>.<property_name>
        • There may be multiple property names
  • Editable from Airtable
    • Whether or not the field is editable from Airtable to Shopify.
    • If this is checked then you can modify the field within Airtable and sync back to Shopify using the sync button.
      • If you make changes to other fields and sync the record to Shopify, these fields will be reverted back to their previous value.


Shopify Objects Under Consideration

  • Order Line Items
  • Collections
  • Draft Orders

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